About Us

The goals of WMC Machining & Fabrication are:

  • Perform all work with safety in mind
  • Shorten delivery time
  • Enhance quality
  • Reduce customer costs

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. Large or small, we look forward to the challenge

Excellence and experience

Two keys to our success are better training of the direct labor force and the application of available technology. It takes people and technology to boost productivity gains. Our services help customers maximize machinery use and reliability, increase production output, improve process and quality, reduce operating costs and expenses, enhance worker safety and reduce energy consumption.

Why Choose Us?


We target growth margins to maximize your company’s profitability metrics.


With the best minds in the industry, we guarantee you’ll get a superb result.


We have over 65 years experience in the heavy equipment industry and its specific requirements.


With our expert staff we analyze and prepare custom solutions to your individual requirements.

Call us at 385-290-1555 or send us a message.