WMC Machining & Fabrications Services


WMC Machining & Fabrication has a large compliment of both conventional (manual) and CNC machines for batch, single part proto-typing, repair and complex parts.

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Fabrication & Welding

WMC Machining and Fabrication has complete fabrication and production capabilities. The experienced fabrication technicians are trained in manual and automated processes. 

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On-Site Machining

Parts are sometimes too large to be cost effectively shipped out for repair, or it may simply cost too many labor hours or down-time hours to disassemble equipment for in-shop repairs

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Engine Blocks

Machine capabilities for precise and accurate tolerances to ensure top-quality performance, durability and longevity.

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Burn Table

  • 10′ x 26′ Table
  • Oxy-fuel Torch
  • Bevelved Head Plasma Torch

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Mechanical & Millwright

WMC Machining & Fabrication has implemented a support division for in-house efficiency and job consolidation for our customers. The mechanical division is here to provide for these important needs.

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