WMC Machining & Fabrication has a large compliment of both conventional (manual) and CNC machines for batch, single part proto-typing, repair and complex parts.

The implementation of our extensive quality control program, along with years of experience with complex and difficult parts and processes, make WMC Machining & Fabrication the right choice for your large scale and high accuracy projects


Machine Shop Capabilities

  • Turning:
    • Manual lathes capable of up to 24” swing. Length’s up to 12’. 
    • CNC lathe with 12” swing.
  • Milling:
    • Knee mills
    • Horizontal mills with 134” x 48” table.
    • Three axis CNC mill.
  • Engine block machining:
  • Rottler F99 can handle engine blocks up to CAT 3520.
  • Metal spray:
    • Dual arc metal spray for surface repair on yokes, shafts, etc.
  • Pin bore rebuilds:
    • Build up and machine worn pin bores back to OEM specs
  • Full weld repair capabilities:
  • Work hand in hand with internal and external mechanic, machine and hydraulic shops for various weld repair and fabrication work. This also includes repair of worn rod, barrel eyes and re-rods.

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